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art//infinity takes you to a procedurally generated art museum with almost infinite number of paintings.


  • Approximately 18 bazillion unique paintings! (Most of them are colorful noise but who cares? EIGHTEEN BAZILLION!)
  • It would take MANY years to see every painting! (But you will probably get bored after 5 minutes.)
  • The only way for you to know what you look like is for, you know, for somebody else to see you. (The chances of that are incredibly rare just because the size of what we're building. Trust me.)
  • Our E3 2015 demo wasn't scripted because it didn't exist at all!
  • You don't have to waste $60 to play it!

CONTROLS: WSAD to move. R to reroll painting. T to save painting. ESC to quit.

Last update: 05 - 09 - 2016


- Gallery is now darker than before.

- Each painting has its own light.

- ???

Changes: (22 - 08 - 2016)

- Lights can be set to random color from chosen palette (Doesn't work with random colors or random palettes)

- Paintings now have random procedurally generated names.

- Exported picture name is now set to paintings name.


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HAHAHAHHA Imma check this

Is there any way to get passed the caution tape?

The game is interesting, but I can't find a way to get the paintings to become different colors like yours in the third picture down on the right.

(1 edit)

Caution tape will be removed in future update when another part of the game is added.

I'm glad that you find the "game" interesting. Last screenshot shows different palettes which you can choose in main menu (I've changed it a bit so it's more obvious now.). I apologize for the misunderstanding. to prevent further However now that you've mentioned it, we will most likely add the option to choose different palette for each painting in the next update.

It's been a year and the tape is still there! :(